About Us

car•pe di•em, noun \ˈkär-pe-ˈdē-ˌem, -ˈdī-, -əm\ : Seize the day

We are an advertising agency with offices in Dubai, Mumbai and New York, and an affiliate office in Beirut. And as our name suggests, we believe in seizing every opportunity that presents itself.

A voracious appetite for work, coupled with a desire to execute every job with gusto has helped us, at Carpe Diem, to grow to a communication solutions dynamo that commands the respect and patronage of clients - some of whom have been with us from the time when we first started out.

In order to provide effective branding and advertising solutions, we need to be abreast of the constantly evolving market dynamics across categories. Our experience in this market allows us to offer ideas that are instinctive and uniquely effective.

Our expertise lies in offering personalised advertising solutions to help you optimise your resources. We are quick on our feet because we understand your need for speed in today’s competitive world. Our talent, experience and resources are at your disposal.

Our Services

We look upon ourselves as your partners, as a part of your team that strives to drive growth through an important marketing function - Advertising. Everything that we do begins with an in-depth understanding of the values, the strengths, the challenges, the opportunities and above all, the philosophy that drives you.

True to the spirit of teamwork, our style of working is collaborative. We believe no one knows your business and brand as well as you do. And based on the knowledge you provide us with, coupled with our experience, we provide sharp insights and firm positioning for a defined audience for your brand. To provide a strong and clear niche for your brand in today’s competitive world is what drives us.

Moreover, a sense of responsibility towards our client’s business helps us stay true to a key advertising philosophy - ‘Deadlines are sacrosanct’. We strive to stick to committed timelines while offering un-compromised, quality solutions.

  • Corporate identity and packaging
  • Campaigns and collaterals
  • Activation
  • Print and production
  • Online
  • Marketing and communication solutions

The Work

One of the advantages of working with Carpe Diem is that we live your brand just as you do. Simply put, your brand, and because we are working on it, our brand, is always on our mind. Each day and every waking moment is ripe with inspirations and possibilities for new ideas that will help our brand go further.



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Over the years we have realised that our clients share the same kind of passion that drives us. They discount our madness of course.


At Carpe Diem, we believe that rewards come by empowering each other, not by creating hierarchies that compel one to climb over the other. A flat structure has worked wonders for us and helped us flourish.

Akhnaten Mallya

Ivan Rana

Neel Mitra

Rashid Ayappally

Siddharth Deo

Sirisha Rao


After having patiently gone through all that we have to say, may we suggest that you take one more step forward and contact us now.

Ideas have no fixed hours and therefore neither do we. We are available 24x7 on phone, via email and in person to discuss and implement ideas for your brand.


Neel Mitra

2513, Warsan, Tecom
P O Box 125375, Dubai, UAE
M: +971 50 451 4064
E: neel@carpediemadvertising.com

GPS Coordinates: 25.101201 55.178929


Akhnaten Mallya

9A, Savia 1, Rebello Road
Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050, India
M: +91 98 205 16945
E: akhnaten@carpediemadvertising.com

GPS Coordinates: 19.049369, 72.824832

New York

Ivan Rana

P O Box 630079
Riverdale NY 10463, USA
M: +1 917 403 2335
E: ivan@carpediemadvertising.com

GPS Coordinates: 40.880229, -73.911715




Affiliate Office


Rana Saab

RSA Marketing Consultancy
Zouk Mikael, Keserwan, Beirut, Lebanon
M: +961 710 46358
E: rana.saab@rsamarketingconsultancy.com
W: www.RSAmarketingconsultancy.com

GPS Coordinates: 33.9703267, 35.6118598